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Your message, amplified.

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The easiest way to get professional videos and photos of your panel or presentation.

Why choose Nexus?


Video extends the life and reach of your message.


Book in minutes. Receive media as quick as 24 hours after your shoot.



Nexus is the easiest way to hire professional videography and photography for panels and presentations.

Turn one presentation into heaps of content.

  • Full Presentation Videos

  • Highlight Videos

  • Speaking Reels

  • Social Media Videos

  • Product/Tech Demos

  • Session Promos

  • Event Photos


Frustrated with limited results from conferences?

Maximize your time and money invested in conferences by reaching the masses online with video and photo.

Wondering how to book a professional local videographer or photographer that is reliable?

Nexus has done the work for you.

  • Hundreds of local videographer and photographer portfolios reviewed to find the best talent in your city.

  • Customer reviews ensure consistent high quality results.

  • Videographers and photographers are required to use the industry's best gear.

Your job made easy: just book a shoot and track the progress.

Need a high end speaking reel to book bigger stages?

Speaking reels are the best way to get the attention of conferences and conventions as a professional event speaker.  Watch how high quality speaking reels land you on big stages as the keynote speaker.


Share your message with the world.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page.


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NEXUS       nek-səs | noun, a means of connection, a core or center                    
NEXUS productions is the key stone between your MESSAGE and your AUDIENCE. We believe greatness occurs at intersections; connecting art and science, tradition and innovation, tech and society. Nexus is your means of connection.

Wish more people could hear your presentation?

Video lasts forever and is not limited to the number of chairs in the audience.

You have a message worth sharing. Why not share it with the world?

Share your message on:


  • Social media

  • Business websites

  • Direct email

  • Landing pages

  • Conference booths

Wish you had professional photos from your presentation?

Nexus hires the best local event photographers to make your audiences look big, your stages glamorous, and you like the insightful and captivating speaker you are.

Need to share your idea, business, or book with the masses?

***show videos/social media all built from one presentation***

Want to increase the ROI on attending conferences and impress you boss?

Videos as cheap as $975

Professional editing makes you sound and look good

Need more content to demonstrate your thought leadership?

One presentation or panel can be turned into a library of multimedia content.

One presentation could become all of this:

**Full length vid, 5 min highlight, social media videos, photos**

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