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Your message, amplified.

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Elevate your brand and get seen by larger audiences with professional videos and photos of your panel or presentation.

*To ensure high quality and quick turnaround for our clients, all times may not be available.

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Why choose Nexus?

Nexus is the #1 presentation video and photo company because we create high quality, professional, evergreen content that will help your team earn trust and win new clients.

When you partner with Nexus you get:


Avoid hours of frustrating searches with our one-click sign-up for an experienced, professional videographer or photographer to document your event.


Get same day photos and 24 hour video so you can start sharing your message.



92% of Nexus clients have booked more than one event. With Nexus, you can trust that an experienced, professional crew that has booked hundreds of high profile events, interviews, and panels for major corporations, government agencies, and celebrities will be taking care of you.

Turn one presentation into heaps of content

One presentation recording can be turned into all of the below:

  • Full presentation video

  • Highlight videos

  • Speaking reel

  • Social media videos

  • Product/tech demo

  • Promos

  • Event Photos


Frustrated with limited results from conferences?

Maximize your time and money invested in conferences by reaching the masses online with video and photo.



You or your team speak at an important event. All the preparation paid off- you nailed the presentation and you met and influenced all the right people. This was the thought leadership event that will help you turn the corner.



Over the next week or two, your excitement fades as you realize your follow up emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn messages are returned slower and slower. Have you been forgotten? Were your new contacts ever excited or just polite?


You’ve missed your moment to capitalize. All the time and money you've invested on that event, and now it’s all but a memory with no way for you or your team to further capitalize.


With Nexus, you get event professionals that will deliver polished videos and photos, tailored to your team’s content needs that can be shared on your company’s website, social channels, newsletters, and perhaps even as a lead generation resource. 


Nexus maximizes your time and money invested in panels and conferences by giving you finished and evergreen content that will never expire.

Need a high end speaking reel to book bigger stages?

Speaking reels are the best way to get the attention of conferences and conventions as a professional event speaker.  Watch how high quality speaking reels land you on big stages as the keynote speaker.

Ready to share your message with the world?

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  • Is Nexus available in my city?
    Nexus operates in all major cities throughout the United States. If you don't see your event listed during booking, add it to the list and we'll determine if we can provide the support you need.
  • What's the benefit of video recording my presentation or panel?
    Video extends the life and reach of your presentation or panel? Speaking at a conference or convention is a one time event to a limited audience. Video allows you to share your message with to any audience in the world at anytime. One presentation can be turned into dozens of videos including highlights, social media shorts, speaking reels, sizzle reels, invites, and more.
  • Why use Nexus instead of another production company?
    Nexus is the easiest and fastest way to book high quality videography and photography for your speaking engagement. Book within minutes and receive products as quickly as 24 hours after your shoot. Other production companies produce wide arrays of commercial or narrative content and are not experts in the niche of panels and presentations. Often they are preoccupied serving their keystone clients and do not prioritize the needs of smaller one off engagements.
  • Couldn't I hire my own freelance videographer?
    There are many great freelance videographers. Nexus has spent days sifting through the resumes and portfolios of hundreds of videographers and photographers in every major city in search of best talent. Nexus is a content producing machine with automations in place to reliably provide high quality products quickly and at low cost. Unfortunately, without a working relationship in place, you can never be certain that your freelancer will hit the mark.
  • How does video improve my conference ROI?
    Attending conferences is expensive and time consuming. Video captures your message and shares it beyond the confines of your panel or presentation. Use your videos and photos across social media or direct email, post it on your website, play video in your sales pitches, use photos in your print advertising, use video to draw larger audiences to your next speaking engagement. You believe your message is worth sharing, we believe it's worth sharing with the world.
  • Who is Nexus for?
    Nexus videos and photos are for anyone with a message to share at a speaking engagement: consultants marketing services, professional conference speakers, authors selling books, thought leaders building brands, government officials shaping policy, startups selling products, and more.
  • How long before I get my video?
    Delivery time depends on the video product or products you purchased and your prompt response to edit reviews and supplying any required media uploads. To ensure timely delivery please make sure you have uploaded everything our editors need to complete your video in your customer portal. This may include names/titles of presenters, company logos, and your slide deck. You can also track the progress of your project in your customer portal timeline.
  • Can I request changes to my video?
    Yes! Depending on the live event video product you purchased, you're allowed to make 1 or 2 rounds of edit requests.
  • What video products does Nexus offer?
    Nexus offers videography and photography for panels and presentations at conferences, conventions, or any other speaking engagement. For a full list of available video products please click below.
  • Who owns the copyright to the videos and photos from my panel or presentation?
    You do! All media captured during your panel or presentation is owned by you. Nexus maintains a license to use the media for marketing and advertising purposes across digital platforms such as Nexus websites, social media, and email distribution. Learn more in our terms and conditions below.
  • How long do I have to download my video or photos before it's removed?
    No worries! Nexus keeps a copy of all video and photo products as well as the original media files for one calendar year from the date of the shoot. You can always log in to your profile and navigate to your booking history to download your files again. You will receive a notification 30 days prior to your files being removed from our database.
  • Can I purchase more video products after my shoot?
    Yes! You can purchase additional video products up to one year after your shoot date. Simply log into your profile, navigate to your booking history and select Purchase Additional Products.
  • Can I book a shoot for something other than a panel or presentation?
    Yes! Other engagements may include workshops, seminars, and product demos. If you're not sure whether your event fits our services, just send us a message to review the details of your request.
  • Do you shoot booth or event b-roll?
    Nexus does not shoot specific booth or event b-roll. You can however purchase general stock footage of your conference or convention.
  • How long before I get my photos?
    Photos are delivered within 24 hours of the end of your event.
  • What if I already have video from my presentation, can I just hire Nexus for editing?
    Yes! On the booking page select "Editing Only" in order to purchase video editing without booking a shoot. Click below to purchase video editing products.
  • Can I book more than one shoot during checkout?
    Yes! When booking a shoot you select what video or photo products you would like from that one panel or presentation. To capture video or photos of another panel or presentation, simply click "Book Another Shoot" during checkout and select the video or photo products you would like from that panel or presentation.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my shoot?
    Yes! You can always cancel or reschedule a shoot. Please review our terms and conditions for specific policies.
  • What do I do if my videographer or photographer doesn't show up?
    Contact your Nexus Producer immediately. The Nexus system automatically alerts administration when camera operators have not checked into a shoot and backup shooters are immediately contacted. Contacting your Nexus Producer is the fastest way to get updated on the status of your shoot.
  • What do I need to do before my shoot?
    Before your shoot, make sure to upload any media required for your video products so our editing team can get right to work: company logo, names/titles of presenters, slide deck, etc. The rest of the work is taken care of by Nexus so you can focus on delivering your best presentation!
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